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Zenit Kazan vs Zenit SPB | 2020 Russian Championship | Highlights

Kazan “dry” victory in the Zenit Derby
Verbov's team crushed the opponent with innings.

At the end of December, two Zenit played in Moscow in the final of the Cup of Russia and then Kazan won 3-0. The match of the rivals in the national championship was held in a similar scenario.

1st set. In the debut of the meeting, the Kazan team nervously acted in the attack, making many unforced errors. Maxim Mikhailov hit out, Tsvetan Sokolov hit the antenna, and Erwin Ngapet was shut down. As a result, when the score was 5: 9, Alexei Verbov took the first timeout. After him, the owners of the site rushed in pursuit, which was crowned with success thanks to the aces of Sokolov and Mikhailov - 11:11. Serving in general became the main weapon of Kazan in the starting set. Alexander Butko knocked out Lukash Divish in the reception, libero Semyon Krivitchenko failed to cope with a powerful shot of Andrei Surmachevsky - 18:18. Sokolov continued the bombing further - two more aces with innings in the direction of Divis - 21:19. In the end, Lukash made mistakes in other elements of the game, due to which Zenit-Kazan confidently took the ending - 25:21.

2nd set. Surmachevsky replaced already in the middle of the game and issued a series of three consecutive aces - 15:12. Krivitchenko and Kameho could not do anything with this power. As a result, the Cuban on the back line was replaced by Evgeny Andreev, declared for this match as a field player. Due to good defense and a successful game in the attack by Grozer, the guests equalized the score (15:15), but then Mikhailov went on the pitch and a fire started again at the Zenit reception in St. Petersburg. Dmitry Kovalev gave all difficult balls to Grozer, but the block was already waiting for him. First, the attack on the German diagonal was closed by Alexey Kononov, then Ngapet. As a result, the score 16:16 quickly turned into 21:16. Grozer's attack on the net was completed by the set.

3rd set. The next aces of Sokolov (7: 5) and Butko (12: 8) completely demoralized the opponent. Tuomas Sammelvuo changed binders, replaced Divis with Cyril Ursov, but this did not bring a turn into the game. Kazan did absolutely everything in the attack: Ngapet scored the most difficult goals away from the net, confidently pounded Sokolov and Mikhailov, the first pace worked - 18: 9. The St. Petersburg team was playing out the match with the reserve team.

Statistics. The most productive player in the stud match was the diagonal Zenit-Kazan Tsvetan Sokolov, who scored 15 points. Sokolov, Surmachevsky and Butko made 4 aces each.

Standings. “Zenit-Kazan” won an important victory over a direct competitor and climbed to 4th place, continuing the struggle for the first two places, giving direct tickets to the “Final Six”.

Poster. On February 8, Zenit Kazan will play against Dynamo as a guest. The game starts at 18:00 Moscow time.

Alexey Verbov, Zenit-Kazan head coach:
- I'm happy. The team defeated a very serious opponent. We talked a lot about the need to play twice as good compared to the final of the Russian Cup. The team that lost a month ago is doubly angry, doubly aggressive. She wants to prove that this was only a coincidence. The guys heard me. They were concentrated from and to. Inside, they felt comfortable and confident, judging by the pitch. We had to put on a mask and hold our face - to show the opponent that he would have no chance today.
From the first ball on our side, there was crazy aggression in the Russian Cup, they did not give oxygen to the opponent. Today there was a stiffness at the beginning of the game, but then we leveled off and showed crazy numbers on the pitch. This is our merit, and Peter did not show his best game in the reception.

Ivan Yakovlev, blocking Zenit St. Petersburg:
- Kazan - well done, congratulations on a well-deserved victory. We did not cope with the reception, and this gave such a result. The analysis before the game was good, we tuned in, we knew that Kazan would take a chance on the pitch, she plays well at home. It was necessary not to get aces, but we did not succeed. The result is logical.

Andrei Surmachevsky, follower of Zenit-Kazan:
- The game reminded the final of the Cup of Russia. Today we got together and showed a good game. And serving is fortune. Conveniently tossed. What else is needed? Thanks to the guys for their support. Without their words, I could not have done it.
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