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Gazprom-Ugra vs. Neftyanik | HIGHLIGHTS | Round 9 | Pari SuperLeague 2024

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The guests went to the game without head coach Pavel Borscht, he was replaced on the bench by senior coach Anton Volvich. Ozhiganov's mistake in passing to Katic and the subsequent blow of Milan himself into the out gave the guests a handicap in the opening, 2:5. Alekseev forced Sidenko to make a mistake on an inconvenient pass, 6:8. Then an equal struggle with thematic segments ensued: then everything was decided by the first tempo, then there was a marriage exchange on the serve, then the players of the fourth the zones solved difficult problems. The hosts could eliminate a small gap at the 18:19 mark, but a video review after Alekseev's block showed a millimeter gap between the ball and the line. It turned out to catch up at 21:21 – Shevlyakov reached the edge and closed Makarenko's attack.
Another unsuccessful pass by Ozhiganov gives the guests two set balls – Korotaev barely reached the ball and hit the block, 22:24. Alekseev corrects a low pass with a discount, and then the Gazprom-Ugra block calculated Kovalikov's options with a diagonal in the fourth zone, collectively closing the attack with the first tempo, 24:24. Excellent Korotaev's serve brings a knocked-out reception, Sidenko's attack into an out and a set ball, 27:26. In the next draw, the hosts have a great chance to finish the set, but Obmochaev passes Katic by the head in the final game, having a much more reliable option in front of him in the person of Alekseev – Milan puts an uncomfortable ball past the court. Krsmanovich by, Sidenko block-out, 27:29.
At the start of the second game, the hosts have a block and Alekseev – 7:3. The guests catch up with 12:8 - 12:12 on the serves of Josiah, who came out as part of a double substitution, Maxim Kirillov takes Ozhiganov's place during this process. Shevlyakov's activation bears fruit, 15:14, but then the confusion begins in the game of the hosts, in which, nevertheless, they manage to survive: 19:19 after a single block by Krasanovich Samoylenko. Gazprom-Ugra has Skvortsov instead of Katic on the front line, and the ace makes a breakaway at the end, 20:22. Another attempt to play Shevlyakov stumbles upon a block, 20:23, Ozhiganov returns to the clearing. But there is not enough acceleration for the chase: Zemchenok responds to two attacks by Skvortsov, and in the last draw, the protection of the guests deprives the Surgut residents of several chances to get close, Andreev puts the point.
In the third game, the Surgut team started with Skvortsov instead of Katic. The chance to take a break after the excellent defense of Nagaits did not work, and immediately Samoylenko covers a low pass to Alekseev, 4:6. Kirillov and Rudnev appear on the court, and Korotaev, 5:10, falls in the fourth zone. While Kirillov was shooting diagonally, Makarenko found an empty zone and took another break, 6:12.
Then came Vyacheslav Rudnev's benefit: he scores and gives out a series of knockout innings, two of which are straight through, 12:12. But Makarenko, in another difficult situation, finds a joint in the block, and with a discount to the free zone gives the "Neftyanik" a chance to exhale, 12:14. The guests did not swim and swam out due to Ilya's impeccable game (three attacks and an ace) and Dmitry Makarenko's experience in the fourth zone, and Kirillov somewhat overdid it with Rudnev's passes, which began to be grabbed not only by the opponent's block, but also by the cable. The last hope to fix something on Rudnev's serves, but the knocked-out ball was coolly realized by a Zemchenok from the fourth zone, 18:23. And then Makarenko discharged himself with an ace, earning two match balls. Korotaev starred and gave out a powerful serve, the athlete in an emergency threw the ball with both hands ... and it fell on the court, the Surgut residents simply did not understand the simple situation.

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