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Enisey vs. Ugra-Samotlor | HIGHLIGHTS | Round 9 | Pari SuperLeague 2024

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Semyon Dmitriev was still missing from Enisey due to injury, and a young local pupil Maxim Bocharov came out at the start of the final game.
From the very first pitch of Bocharov, the ball from the rope of the net rolled over to the opponent's side, opening the score to aces. The teams had an equal start (5-5), after which two successful attacks by Bocharov and a backhand from Igor Filippov forced Valery Pyaskovsky to take a timeout. Krasnoyarsk residents continued their breakthrough on the treacherous gliders of the same Filippov – 12:5. The second half of the game also proceeded at this pace with the advantage of the hosts of the site – 17:9. Then the course of the game leveled off a little, but a huge advantage allowed Yenisei to calmly take the set – 25:17.
The beginning of the second game was left for Ugra-Samotlor - 4:7, and an early timeout by Yuri Filippov immediately followed. Nizhnevartovsk continued to build up the advantage, Kassel scored with a straight serve – 7:12. Krasnoyarsk residents gave chase and were able to get close – 15:17, however, two accurate attacks by Kostrov made the leadership of the guests comfortable again. "Samotlorites" planned to take this set, confidently leading at the end – 20:24, but "Enisey" was against it - clung to the game with his teeth, played 4 set points and tipped the scales in his favor on the "balance", closing the opponent with a block – 27:25.
The beginning of the third game was held in an equal fight – 8:8, after which the owners of the site made a breakthrough – 11:8 after Ace Busel. For every point earned by Nizhnevartovsk, Krasnoyarsk responded with two points to their credit, continuing to increase the gap in the score – 18:13 and eventually confidently finished the match with a powerful block – 25:19.

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