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Kuzbass vs. Zenit-Kazan | HIGHLIGHTS | Round 9 | Pari SuperLeague 2024

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In the opening of the match, Roman Romanovsky scored in the center of the net for the guests, and Dusan Petkovich fell under a triple block – 4:7. Kemerovo residents quickly brought the game back to the start: Egor Krechetov covered Andrei Surmachevsky with a single block, then Kirill Kletsa was closed, and Denis Chereysky laid an ace on the opponent's side – 12:10 and the guests went for a time-out. Soon Zenit had to take a break again, after another backhand from Asparukh Asparukhov at 16:12. Kemerovo residents kept their pace and went into the end with a comfortable "+5", but Kazan played several break balls, and on Dmitry Volkov's serves they got as close as possible – 24:23, but Inal Tavasiev solved this issue with the first tempo – 25:23.
Almost the entire second game was "ball to ball" - 7:7, 13:13. Roman Pakshin and Dmitry Volkov exchanged attacks from the fourth zone, Mikhail Labinsky connected from the back line – 15:15. The equal fight continued until the score was 20:20, and after that the win was for those who made fewer mistakes in key points. They turned out to be Kazan – Zenit volleyball players scored three goals in a row (20:23), Roman Pakshin made a mistake when entering the ball into the game, and Asparukh Asparukhov fell into the hands of Alexey Kononov – 21:25.
The entire third set was dominated by the owners of the court. Kazan residents were compared twice (8:8, 13:13), but they could not develop their initiative. Inal Tavasiev sheathed Artyom Volvich, Dusan Petkovic threw the ball through a double block and sent the opponent to timeout (17:14), and after serving knocked down the reception - 19:14. A few more successful actions of the Serb diagonally brought Kemerovo residents closer to the netball, everything was fine in the final game too: Roman Pakshin easily recouped from the triple block – 23:19. I had to get nervous on the serves of Kirill Kletz (24:22), but Asparukh Asparukhov finished off to the floor – 25:22.
The guests started the fourth game in a different way: on Artyom Volvich's serves, Kazan made a breakthrough – 7:10. After Roman Pakshin's discount, Kuzbass equalized the score – 11:11, but Alexey Verbov's wards had already entered their rhythm: Kirill Kletz shot from the second zone, and Kemerovo residents repeatedly sent the ball outside the court and fell into the guests' block – 12:14. Kuzbass also had difficulties when entering The ball is in play. With the score at 18:25, Kazan moved the game to a tie-break.
The beginning of the fifth set turned out to be difficult for Kuzbass – 1:8. It is almost impossible to reverse the course of the game with such a gap, after Kirill Kletz's ace on the scoreboard it was already 3:12, and after an unsuccessful attack by the guests – 6:15.

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