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Dynamo LO vs. Zenit SPB | HIGHLIGHTS | Round 9 | Pari SuperLeague 2024

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As one of the participants of the meeting will say after the game, this season the teams are trying to surprise each other with a variety of tactical schemes. The coaching staff of Dynamo-LO played with three players – Denis Biryukov, Todor Skrimov and Marko Ivovich came out at the start. And Zenit had to send another player to the infirmary at the beginning of the game – Zhenya Grebennikov grabbed his knee, and Semyon Krivitchenko played the entire match as the main and only libero.
The whole first set was a tight fight: Denis Biryukov was good at attacking, who celebrated his 35th birthday a day earlier - Konstantin Tyushkevich trusted him with break finishing. And there weren't that many of them. Zenit fought back thanks to the skills of Fedor Voronkov, the main point-getter of the St. Petersburg team. Pavel Zheleznyakov's block on the finish line earned Tyushkevich a setball, which was realized a minute later by the same Biryukov – 25:23.
The second set was initially dictated by the guests, who that day came to support more than three hundred Zenit football fans - the ones who were frantic from the turn. The minute-long deconcentration of Dynamo-LO in the reception at the very beginning of the game and the newly built block of Petersburgers was already waiting for the extreme attacking hosts. Nevertheless, 9:15 with the hall raging, it did not turn out to be too difficult for the Sosnovobor team. Fannur Kayumov, who came out to serve, "solved the question" with his most powerful serve, and where there was no clean ace, the blockers, who seriously upset Andrei Titich and Pavel Zheleznyakov, insured. Marko Ivovich became the successor of Kayumov's good initiative, and Zenit football fans shouting at his back only made the Serb even more excited. The ending of the name of Ivovich and the continuing enchanting Biryukov, who were never caught by the Zenit block, and the score in favor of the hosts is already 2:0.
Dmitry Kovalev and Timofey Tikhonov, who entered the court at the unsuccessful end of the second set, remained in the game. And Zenit began to succeed, while Dynamo-LO was being rebuilt to fit the new playing patterns of the guests. The Petersburgers set up a block and seriously turned up the momentum in the attack. Nevertheless, the "-5", brought already at the start, the atomic guys on the serves of Ivovich and Biryukov played back pretty quickly. But it did not work out to consolidate success: they could not cope with Maxim Kosmin's serve and let the opponent go again.
In the fourth, the hosts were unstoppable, and never once during the entire game period did they allow either rivals, as well as their own or other fans to doubt the overall final score: the most beautiful game episodes with Biryukov's single blocks, saves from Shishkin, discounts and aces of Tyushkevich, tempo attacks. At 13:10, Alexander Klimkin also had to make a forced substitution – Denis Schenkel came on the court, who managed to give 100% in attack in the general atmosphere of courage. Well, Tyushkevich entrusted Biryukov with putting an end to the match – 25:16 and 3:1.

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