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How High Do You Jump? Plus 3 Tips To Increase Your Vertical Jump | Jump Higher

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If you're trying to to jump higher then there are a few things you need to do before you ever even start. First is to figure out how high do you jump. This is important because how can you know if you improve your vertical jump if you don't even know how high you jump?

In this video, Coach Rock will explain how you can find your vertical jump and then we'll give you some basic tips that can drastically help your vertical jump. We've done many videos on our channel that can help you with some of the topics discussed in this video. Please refer to these videos:

3 Hacks To Jump Higher: https://youtu.be/3hjidrlVzIo
How to Jump Higher Instantly: https://youtu.be/1I2N7zp0F_w

These videos will continue to help you maximize your vertical jump. But if you follow a protocol of what I teach in this video plus what we teach in the video's we've linked you to, then you can expect to jump higher fairly quickly.

If you really want to improve your vertical jump then we recommend accessing our free instant inches training series, which can be accessed here: http://ilovebasketballtraining.com/jumphigherfree
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