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Jump Higher Instantly (WITHOUT WEIGHTS!) - Increase Vertical Jump

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Today we will show you how to jump higher without weights (even if you have crappy genetics). Increase your vertical jump and learn how to dunk with our new PLYOMECHANICAL method of vertical jump training.

Sorry for the long intro but I had to make sure that you understood the aspects of the training before you actually start training.

Because this is a long video and may be difficult to watch in one sitting, I've put time stamps below to help you navigate throughout the video.

Time Stamp:
4:50 - Breaking down the punch pad
7:55 - Core Contraction For Jumping Higher
9:30 - Brick Wall Effect
12:30 - Fast Action Plyos Introduction
13:38 - Explosive Bounds
16:55 - Gravity Jumps
17:30 - Seated Box Jump To Reactive Depth Drop Jump
18:30 - Introduction To Vertical Mechanics
19:20 - A Skips (Strike From Hip)
20:10 - Pop Tap

Again, if you want to learn more about our new plyomechanical method of vertical jump training we have a brand new free video series explaining everything that you need to know.

Click Here To Get Access To That Free Video Series: https://goo.gl/FEUSUt

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