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Tobias Krick vs Jan Martinez | Germany vs Argentina | VNL 2021 | Highlights

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Tobias Krick vs Jan Martinez | Germany vs Argentina | VNL 2021 | Highlights

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Federico Pereyra scored 22 points to lead scoring for Argentina in their 3-2 victory against Germany at the 2021 FIVB Volleyball Nations League on Thursday.

This is what the players said:

Jan Zimmermann (GER): I think we didn't start this game well. We had some problems at the beginning to really push. We were fighting until the end. In my opinion, in the end we had a really big battle and many really long rallies. We had several opportunities at the end of the fourth set, we should have defended some more balls to win this match in the fourth set. In the fifth set it was a big fight. They won two points with a block, maybe we should have done better then. In games like this one, losing in the fifth set is tough. It's losing by two points - it's sometimes one ace here or one ace there.

Luciano De Cecco (ARG): We played much better than in the first matches. Maybe because with more teammates, it's easier to practise and it gives some mental comfort. With them it's also easier to make some changes in our six, and to rest. We are really happy that they have now joined the team. It's more energy in the team, a new mentality, and we will do our best to show thaton the court and win the games. Today we played really well. We had good reception, our opposite performed very well. We are now going to rest and come back tomorrow to have a big fight with Slovenia.

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