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Germany vs Usa | VNL 2021 | Highlights | Linus Weber vs Garrett Muagututia

11.11 Single Day
Kawika Shoji was on setting duties for a second day running as USA beat Germany at the 2021 VNL.

USA bounced back after their previous day's defeat to Iran, taking Germany in straight sets at the 2021 FIVB Men's Volleyball Nations League.

Here's the reaction after the game, from the virtual Mixed Zone:

Florian Krage (Germany): "It's hard to accept that we only started to play our level only in the third set. We know that we could have done it, we showed it in the third set, but it really hurts seeing what we were doing in the first two sets and that it took us so long to start playing. Just a really hard match today. I guess that in the first two sets we were a little bit tired, but all teams are, so it cannot be an excuse. We have to start every match with fire and in a way we want to play as it's great to play here. We just have to find another way to start the match better."

Kawika Shoji (USA): "It's a big result for us. Honestly, we were up and down during this tournament. We have a lot of different players playing, not a lot of our main players, so it's been difficult times. But just really proud of our team to be able to come out with a lot of focus and a lot of good energy. We were just focused from the start, we played very patient volleyball, we didn't make a lot of mistakes and we were still aggressive as well, so big shout out to the rest of my team."

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