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NEW WORLD RECORD !!! This is the Longest Match in Volleyball History !!!

11.11 Single Day
NEW WORLD RECORD !!! This is the Longest Match in Volleyball History !!! Cisterna wins the longest game ever in Milan. 2 hours and 55 minutes of play (absolute record for an Italian championship match since there has been a rally point system) to resolve the issue between the squad from Piazza and that of Soli. The pontines emerge for 2-3 (34-32, 21-25, 33-31, 21-25, 13-15).

A marathon. This is the only way to define the match between Milan and Cisterna, won by the Lazio players 3-2 after 2 hours and 55 minutes of play. It is an all-time record for men's volleyball with sets at 25, because the match of 23 February 2020 between Lube and Perugia (2 hours and 54), final of the Italian Cup , was exceeded by just one minute . And again to stay on the subject of numbers, there are more than 2,000 spectators present, the highest figure of the three races held so far at the Allianz Cloud.

ALLIANZ MILANO - TOP VOLLEY CISTERNA 2-3 (34-32, 21-25, 33-31, 21-25, 13-15)

ALLIANZ MILANO: Porro 2, Ishikawa 7, Chinenyeze 15, Patry 28, Jaeschke 24, Piano 6, Staforini (L), Mosca 1, Pesaresi (L), Maiocchi 0, Djokic 2, Daldello 0. NE Romanò. All. Piazza.

TOP VOLLEY CISTERNA: Baranowicz 0, Rinaldi 9, Bossi 7, Dirlic 15, Maar 20, Zingel 8, Picchio (L), Szwarc 9, Wiltenburg 4, Cavaccini (L), Raffaelli 2, Lanza 16. NE Giani. All. Soli.

REFEREES: Brancati, Saltalippi.

Set duration: 39 ', 29', 48 ', 34', 21 '; tot: 171

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