Best Volleyball Training For Explosive Jump And Speed

While some sports involve throwing a ball, others involve hitting a ball with either the hand (volleyball) or a piece of equipment (racket, golf club, baseball bat). In a manner similar to throwing, the arms and hands ultimately deliver the impact, but significant contributions from the lower body are important for the performance. Coordinating lower-body propulsion with a powerful transfer of force through the core and torso helps ensure the success of an explosive delivery via the hands. Performing plyometric movements with a medicine ball or similar implement reinforces the sequence of muscular contractions under heavier loads to enhance performance for sport-specific movements. (© 2017 by Derek Hansen and Steve Kennelly).

These exercises will help you make progress not only in volleyball but also in most sports (basketball, soccer, baseball, American football, tennis, boxing, swimming, etc.)

1) Explosive Medicine-Ball Push Throw (00:00)
2) Single-Leg Hop And Medicine-Ball Push Throw (00:20)
3) Jumps + Medicine-Ball Push Throw (00:32)
4) Reverse Overhead Medicine-Ball Throw (00:40)
5) Lateral Squat Jump And Rotational Medicine-Ball Throw (51:00)
6) Explosive Medicine-Ball Push Throw Into Sprint (01:06)
7) Rotational Medicine-Ball Pass Into Sprint (01:20)
8) Reverse Overhead Medicine-Ball Throw Into Sprint (01:30)
9) Medicine-Ball Push Throw in Opposite Direction of Sprint (01:44)
10) Consecutive Broad Jumps Into A Sprint (01:53)
11) Lateral Broad Jumps Into a Sprint (02:03)
12) Bounding Into A Sprint (02:18)
13) Exercise Examples Of Lateral Bounds Into a Sprint (02:30)
14) Multiple Jumps and Sprint (02:55)
15) Lateral Hurdle Jump Into Sprint (03:09)
16) Hurdle Jumps Into A Sprint (03:23)
17) Single-Leg Hurdle Jumps Into a Sprint (03:34)
18) Exercise Examples On The Volleyball Court (03:44)

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