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WWE Survivor Series 2020 Review! Undertaker Retires! Brandi Rhodes Reaches Out To Lana! WWE News!

11.11 Single Day
WWE Survivor Series 2020 Review! Undertaker Retires! Brandi Rhodes Reaches Out To Lana! WWE News!
00:00 Headlines
01:02 Did Roman Reigns And Drew Mcintyre Have One Of The Best Matches This Year?
02:10 Why Did Seth Rollins Eliminate Himself From WWE Survivor Series In Such A Weird Manner?
03:12 The Street Profits And Sasha Banks Have Great Showings At WWE Survivor Series In Both Their Respective Matches!
04:12 Lana Won At WWE Survivor Series 2020 But Is This The Best Way To Do It?
05:23 What Happened During The Undertaker’s Final Farewell At WWE Survivor Series ? Was It Underwhelming Amidst All The Hype?
06:44 Kayla Braxton Takes Apparent Dig At Donald Trump By Saying SmackDown ‘Won By A Lot’ At Survivor Series!
07:29 Brandi Rhodes Reaches Out To Lana After Heartbreaking Video!
10:07 Sami Zayn Targeted In Apparent Social Media Hacking Before WWE Survivor Series!
11:27 Vince McMahon Was Livid At Donald Trump For Trying To Show Him Up And More!
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