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Fans ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS With Velveteen Dream! Triple H SPEAKS On Lars Sullivan! Shane TAKES OVER!

11.11 Single Day
Intro 0:00
Johnny Gargano responds 0:15
Dominik Mysterio to get new name 1:20
Triple H reveals plans for a Draft in 2020 2:02
Alexa Bliss shares her current relationship status and more 3:00
Reason why Drew McIntyre is upset with Randy Orton 4:02
Drew McIntyre on facing AJ Styles 5:23
Shane McMahon as the new head of WWE RAW 6:11
Becky Lynch drops some hints on Twitter 7:00
Paul Heyman comments on Renee Young leaving WWE 7:35
Triple H provides an update on Lars Sullivan returning to WWE 8:18
Fire Velveteen Dream hashtag trends 8:57

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