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Who Is Omos? AJ Styles GIANT BODYGUARD! Omos Is 8 FEET TALL? Omos Is LIKE Khali? - Jordan Omogbehin

11.11 Single Day
Jordan Omogbehin has been one of the breakout stars of 2020 in WWE without even having to wrestle a single match so far. He first appeared in the unlikely and rather unconventional role of a ninja early on in the year as a part of Akira Tozawa’s faction. Since then he has appeared in the role of a bouncer at the door of the now-cancelled RAW Underground working for Shane McMahon. Currently, he is on WWE television as the bodyguard of AJ Styles and still has not really wrestled or become overly involved, but his height and presence at ring side has added to the entire work done by AJ Styles in the ring.
While the WWE Universe waits for Jordan Omogbehin to be more involved and get his first match on the WWE main roster, there’s a lot more about him going on behind the scenes.
With that being the case, this is Wrestling Hub and this video will talk about the 10 things that you need to know about Jordan Omogbehin.

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