Top Fuel Dragster, CRAZY MONSTERS, 1,000ft in 3.9 seconds at 490 Km/h! The LOUDEST Sound Ever, 150dB

The Top Fuel Dragsters are the queen category of Drag Races, real monsters on wheels with crazy performances. This motorsport is the one with the highest top speed as well as the most powerful engine that develops over 10,000hp. I had the pleasure of seeing them in action, for the first time, at the Hockenheim circuit in Germany, during the NitrOlympx race which is part of the FIA ​​Drag Racing Championship. I can guarantee you that I have never heard thrusters with such a louder sound, even the vibrations generated during the accelerations are such as to leave you breathless. At each gas throttle, it's practically impossible to remain still; the sound wave is too strong. We are talking about over 150db, so it's necessary to have hearing protection tools. The engines used are usually 10-Litre Chevy V8 HEMI with the addition of a huge volumetric compressor capable of providing a boost pressure of over 3 bar. The fuel is nitromethane with very high consumption, about 10 litres per second. The performances are frightening, from 0 to 160 Km/h in less than a second and the distance of 305 meters (1,000ft) is reached in about four seconds. In the video, you can see racing the best pilots of this discipline.
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