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Rapper, Paramedic, Striker | The Unique Ugandan Footballer

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This film was researched, written, produced and directed by Abubakar Majid. Abu is a member of COPA90’s Creators Network, which comprises all of COPA90’s presenters and contributors.

The fate of the African footballer playing in Africa, more often than not, comes with an added load of responsibility.

Varees played football in Europe but opted to change the narrative of foreign exported talent by quitting and returning to Kenya to continue with his magic on the pitch. Originally from Uganda, this film showcases the journey from his homeland to Europe and back to Kenya. Abu Majid sits down with the player to find what influenced his return, how settled he is in the Kenyan football system and why he chose East Africa over the more established West African region where football is a religion.

His survival is only guaranteed by the extra jobs Varees manages to secure. Training drills here, only help boost bodies of budding footballers, who some, unfortunately, never get to actualise their hopes of regular participation in matches or decent wages.

This film was funded by our newly launched Creator Commissions initiative. Each month, there is a grant of up to £1000 accessible to any COPA90 fan and filmmaker to tell a story they feel the football community should know about.

To find out more about our Creator Commissions, please visit: https://copa90.com/creatorcommissions/

Camera: Mohamed Birik & Lenox Ochieng
Editor: Joash Omondi
Colorist & Graphics: Bilal Mwiti


‘Dark fog, wisp whorls, evening fall and too cool’ by Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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