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Mercedes-Benz 300 CE W124 BiTurbo DRIFT MONSTER! - 520hp V8 M119 Engine - Action + OnBoard

11.11 Single Day
This is the fantastic Mercedes-Benz 300 CE W124 BiTurbo, a real drift monster built by the Bulgarian guys of "The Kangaroos Team" and brought to the race by Petyo Radichev. The car was sold and is currently in Italy driven by the pilot Lorenzo Fattori. It adopts the 5-litre M119 Mercedes S-Class V8 engine to which two turbos have been added. It now runs at a relatively low pressure of 0.6 bar and develops around 520hp and 690Nm of torque, but the engine is capable of generating 715hp and 770Nm of maximum torque. As you may have guessed, this vehicle retains only the Mercedes body because the rest is a hand-made construction. The 5-speed gearbox comes from a C320 diesel, full roll bar with FIA specifications, bc racing Toyota Supra MK4 suspensions, clutches with copper petals, lightened flywheel, in short, a car made with great care and excellent components. In the video, we are during a drift day at the Marzaglia racetrack in Modena, and we have to thank Lorenzo for allowing us to install an onboard camera.
I have to thank my friend and Youtuber @davide458italia with whom I collaborated to realise this video. Enjoy!
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