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Master These 4 EURO STEP FINISH Variations! ⛹️‍♂️ ????

11.11 Single Day
In today's video, Coach Taylor is back bringing you 4 pro eurostep finishers he uses in his pro games! The euro step is a MUST ADD to any bag. And one of the BEST transition and drive moves to pull out when you're looking for an uncontested finish but have a defender in your path.

The Eurostep finish is a misdirection move that causes defenders to guess wrong as they try and guard you. The defender will commit to your fake, allowing you to then transition to your opposite foot for your finish.

In the next video, Coach R2 is back with some really good shooting/scoring videos, so be on the lookout!

P.S.- Sorry for the audio- we're testing new mics to bring you BETTER content, and the settings weren't quite right! We will fix this moving forward!

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