Gil (Zepol) Boxing Gloves Review - made in Mexico, Zepol successor


Personal review of the GIL boxing gloves, made in the same fashion as the original Zepol gloves (hecho en Mexico). I love these very much. Beautiful craftsmanship and styling. - FREE BOXING TIPS! - SECRET punching techniques! - INTENSE FOOTWORK DRILLS! - get strong and LOSE WEIGHT - learn HOW TO BOX in 10 Days - ADVANCED punching power techniques and footwork
  • MpSeifs

    man i just got a pair of these 14oz lace up GIL gloves off Amazon in the bronze color. They are soo damn nice and the quality and stitching is impeccable. I literally love everything about this glove EXCEPT for one thing....and this one reason is exactly why i will never recommend them and am currently packaging them up to be returned tomorrow morning...that sole reason is the DAMN HAND COMPARTMENT LINING!!! My god is it just wayyy to rough and uncomfortable! it feels as if im sticking my hand into a glove filled with wood chips. I am shocked at how bad it is and idk id rhe pair i got is just way worse than normal but my god its such a shame when they have everything else down perfectly but to let it all fall apart because of the lining of the If i were GIL I would address this problem immediately because i cant even imagine how many people there are out there that gave them a shot and experienced the same problem i did and now they will always have that bad taste on their mouth. Its as if the makers never decided to put the glove that they created on their own hand.....not once. Its a shame and rather embarrassing to pay north of $160 for a "professional glove" and when you finally get them you are so excited only to put them on and feel that terrible, unacceptable, borderline disrespectful, hand lining that, unless completely changed, is a 100% instant dealbreaker....what did u think