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Carmella Is Underwhelming? Vince McMahon DESTROYING WWE? Lars Sullivan Is Getting WORSE!

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Intro 0:00
Carmella is an underwhelming choice to feud with Sasha Banks 0:18
WWE is doing a slow burn with The Bloodline 1:07
Kevin Owens needs to turn heel 2:00
Ali’s in ring work is key to salvaging Retribution 2:43
WWE is trying too hard with the Thunderdome 3:36
Raw Creative is burnt out 4:23
Orton vs. McIntyre is begging for a screwy finish 5:13
NXT has the best Women’s Division in the world 6:02
Lars Sullivan is getting worse with each passing week 6:47
Vince McMahon’s treatment of NXT is killing the product 7:18

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