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3 Fights That Will Never Be Forgotten - Part 4

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In the middle of the last century, with the beginning of the era of television, boxing acquired the status of the most popular martial art in the world. In today's video, we are going take a look at the history of boxing, from the perspective of the best boxing fights, which had a huge, epoch-making significance in the history of boxing. These are legendary fights that filled huge stadiums, grabbed the attention of hundreds of millions of spectators, and forever changed the history of boxing itself.

01:27 Roberto Duran vs Davey Moore
08:11 James Toney vs Iran Barkley
16:50 Roy Jones Jr. vs John Ruiz

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Adam Peters - Disclosure
Luke Neumann - Shadows
C.J. Harris - The throne
Neil Cross - Classical tension
Bobby Cole - Epic Cinematic Movie Trailer Music
Lance Conrad - Down To The Wire
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Jon Bjork - Sheer Will
Adam Peters - The Underground
Ihor Vitsinskyy - Epic Cinematic Trailer
Dream Cave - Never Tell Me the Odds
Dream Cave - The Eternal War
Reynard Seidel - Closeness

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