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Course Blog Part III

This is the third part of my course vlog.
If you haven’t seen the first two, I have the links for you here:


I am so far 2 under par after 6 holes.
I teed off from the 10th tee so I have 16, 17 & 18 left to play!
Basically I talk out loud of everything that goes through my head when I get ready to hit a shot.
I hope some of the details/tips I mention will help you with your game!

I also included the flop shot tip as you have seen in the beginning of the second vlog.

I go through how I think on the golf course, on each shot.
You will notice the details I pay attention to.
And the decisions I make according to the situations I am given.
Everytime you watch it, try to pick up one or two new things from the vlog, Try them on the golf course!
It will help you lower your score significantly.
Small details is what matters on the golf course.
I go through

-how to plan for the driver shot
-what to expect on a downhill lie shot
-what you should pay attention to when chipping
-how to prepare for a putt

There is a bonus footage at the end giving my mom pointers.
If you have similar tendencies as her, using her arms to lead the down swing,
it will be worth while to watch!
Hope you enjoy!

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6홀 치고 2언더인데요
백나인에 시작해서 현재 16, 17 18번홀 남겨두고 있습니다.
이번 블로그는 영어로 찍어서 한국말 자막이 있습니다~
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