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Q: With a 7 iron, Aimee told us that the grip end points ½” left of belly button. Should it be the same for the driver?
Q2: Should the Y (formed by the shaft & arms at address) be in front of the left armpit since the ball position is inside left heel?

Today I am going to answer 2 questions at once.
it just seemed appropriate to do so, due to the nature of the questions.
Most golfers know how important the set up is.
If your set up is off, you will most likely be playing a catch-up game during the swing. Manipulating to keep a swing that wants to go off plane due to poor positions at address.
Today I will show you check points to set your hands up in the correct spot.
This subtle detail will help you swing that driver with more confidence. The correct hand position will give you higher probability of coming back down to the ball with less effort!

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