Breathing Swim Lesson 'The Season Day 14' Helpful Tips On How To Swim


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Today's episode helps to make you a smarter breather. These skills are critical to developing your stroke, comfort and speed in the water. Remember the more comfortable and confident you are in the water…the more FUN you will have during the swim season. Practice hard, stay focused, and RELAX and you will start to see that swimming can really be more fun than hard. No matter if you are a beginning, novice , or experienced swimmer you may find a helpful hint or tip that helps you develop your stroke(s). Hang In There!!

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Follow me throughout my summer league swim season. As I see where my athletes are struggling I will offer helpful suggestions to you! I will post daily videos that will hopefully help you, as a developing swimmer, become the best you can be during the short summer league season.
Aaron has more than 15 years experience coaching developing swimmers. He has coached numerous year-round, high school, and summer leagues teams focusing primarily on stroke maturation. He is now hoping to help summer league athletes become successful during their short season.

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Time stamps for this episode:

Breathing slows you down 0:23
Fully exhale 0:44
Sideward roll 1:36
That's not funny 2:43
Kick board work 3:06
Don't hold your breath 3:55
Roll with your body 4:15
Fast Air/Slow Air 4:59

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The Season Day 14 (swim lessons) (breathing) how to swim the competitive strokes

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I have created this channel to offer swimming tutorials, instruction and technique lessons for the beginning and developing swimmer. If you are a beginner, novice, intermediate or advanced swimmer then this channel will provide training and skill advice to help you become successful in the amazing sport of swimming. These videos will tackle flutter kick, dolphin kick, whip kick, water comfort, freestyle (front crawl), breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, back & front float, streamline mechanics and starting block specifics. If you are wanting videos on ‘how to teach a child to swim’ then hang tight, I will have those out shortly.

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